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General FAQs

How does Plattr work?

Step 1: Apply for the short-term courses you are interested in. You can apply for multiple courses at a time.

Step 2: You will receive online-access to the course material, which will contain step-by-step video tutorials and assignment information. You will also be assigned a dedicated industry-expert as your Mentor for your course.

Step 3: Submit your assignments and receive feedback from your mentor. There will be a Live Video Class with your Mentor.

Do you have a brick-mortar facility, like a physical place as well for the courses?

We are primarily an online course and do not offer courses at our Studio in Bangalore. We feel there are many people who have interest in learning different forms of Animation but do not have easy access to quality training or simply do not have the time to travel and take up courses. Plattr solves all of that and one can easily pick-up a skill in two-weeks time.

That said, you are more than welcome to visit us in our studio anytime of the day and say hello to us! We LOVE meeting people! : )

We are a school / corporate company and would like to partner with you to provide training for our students / company staff, as a extra-curricullar activity.

Hi! Courses at Plattr will be a great add-on for schools and companies looking to offer their students / employees opportunity to learn a new skill. Please reach us to at [email protected]

I perform better when i have compay of other students. Am i going to be the only student in the batch or how does that work?

The cool thing about Plattr is, no matter which module you choose, we provide you access to connect with other students and have a look at their assignments as well. Think of it like an online community of students.

I only know to read my emails, take print-outs and watch youtube videos on my computer / laptop? Can i still do the animation courses at Plattr?

Absolutely yes! That is the minimum requirement we have for anyone wanting to learn courses that require laptop or computer. Our step-by-step video tutorials will guide you all the way through, besides you will have a class with your Mentor to clarify on any doubts.

I have full-time commitment with job or school. Will I be able to work on my assignments and do this course?

Yes, you can! That is the benefit of online learning – learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. The average time required each week to work on the assignments is anywhere between 5-7 hours and this is completely at your convenience.

What is the required internet speed?

If you can watch YouTube videos at 480p, without any streaming issues, you are set for taking online classes at Plattr.in

How are you different than other Online Programs?

The crux about any of the good online training program is in the ‘feedback’ on the assignments by industry experts. It is the only way students will develop an eye and get better at what they do. Our objectives are simple and clear – which is to provide high quality training from the word GO. Check out a little more about Our Mentors HERE.

Course-related FAQ’s

What are the courses currently offered at Plattr and what is duration of these courses?

There are currently 9 modules of two week each.

Traditional Drawing

Digital Painting

3D Modeling

3D Animation

2D Animation

Pixilation and Cutout Animation

Stop Motion and Claymation

3D Sculpting


Since it is an online course and the mentor is not next to me, what do I do if i have a query or get stuck in my assignment?

Do not worry – we have you covered. You can always ask your query when you meet the Mentor during the Live Video Classroom session. You can also post in your query in the forums and one of our experts will be happy to help you out at the earliest.

Do I need to buy any material or software for the Courses?

No need to buy any softwares. Open-source free softwares like Blender, Krita, Sumo are used depending on the specific course you choose.

Regarding materials, most of the courses can be done with what may be readily available with you.

Though, depending on the course you choose, there may be specific requirements like graphic tablets, camera-stand or mobile-stand, clay for claymation, simple color print-outs, etc. We will provide you links and you can source them online.

Make sure to also check out the FAQ section in the course you are interested in.

The course i am interested in is not listed here. Can you add that course for me?

We would love to. We are constantly adding short-term courses on Plattr. If your course request fits in our plans, we would most certainly add that in. Do let us know here in the Contact Form.

I am interested to join, but don't know which course will be ideal for me?

Do not worry. This happens to most of us, especially when we do not have any idea about the field that looks very exciting from the outside.

With Plattr, you get to explore various courses at a affordable cost and in short amout of time. This will help you get a taste of what you enjoy most and you can then pursue a long-format course – through our specialist courses at NativePuppets.com.

So don’t think much, just jump in and we will help you swim-through : )

What is the duration of each module?

The duration of each module is two weeks. Which includes recorded Lectures, 2 Live QnAs and 2 Support Classes.

I do not know how to draw, can I still learn these modules?


How often will I interact with the Mentor?

Students interact with the mentor twice a week in a live classroom setting to receive feedback on their assignment and have any doubts cleared.

What if I missed a Live Video QnA Session?

Why would you miss an exciting session with your mentor?

Haha! No issues – these things do happen. Every once in a while something unexpected comes-up and you may not be able to attend the Live Video Class. Don’t worry, you can still watch the recorded session and not miss on your assignment feedback.

What time of the day the Live Video-classes will be held?

Since all of our mentors are working professionals, you can expect the live classes to be conducted post-normal work hours to the Indian Standard Time (IST) zone.  Say between 7-9 pm. Or during the morning or evening hours over the weekend!

How many times can i watch the video lectures?

You may watch the video lectures how many ever times and whenever you may want to. There is no time-restriction.

Can i download the video-lectures?

No, you are not allowed to download the video lectures and sharing is strictly prohibited.

What is the Mentor to student ratio?

Maximum of 8 students / mentor / batch.