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About Course

Pixillation is the form of animation which uses people around you to create special stories.

You can create illusions of magic and teleportation with this process. You can have a chair chase your brother or have the bedsheet swallow you sister or just any crazy trick that you can think of. Become a wizard or a fairy and make your family members or your friends appear or disappear at your will. Move things around by using a wand or even fly in the air.

Cut Out Animation is the form that uses paper cut outs of characters to create stories. You can have characters of different shapes and sizes put on top of unique backgrounds and make interesting stories. Create complete worlds bring them to life. You could make an underwater scene, or an outer space adventure. Fill the sky with birds and aeroplanes, while a character walks down the road and picks up the trash, the possibilities are endless with this course.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone like magic and wants to create magical illusions of their own.
  • If your interested in creating fun little gags or stories with your friends and family members.
  • If you love craft and want to use your imagination to create stories and environments.

By the end of this module, you’ll have 2-3 short and fun little movies using your friends and family members and interesting Paper cut outs.

  • A laptop
  • A camera or mobile phone with a camera.
  • A camera/ mobile stand.
  • Monkey jam software(free)/ Pencil 2D software(free) for Mac users.
  • Family or friends.
  • Paper, colours, scissors.
  • Printer if available
  • Gmail Account
  • Telegram / Whatsapp App

*Recommended Graphic Tablet is Huion H640P. Please contact us HERE  for additional discount from our hardware partner Huion.

Duration - 2 Weeks

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Live Video Class with Mentor

Feedback on Assignment


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